About Us

Swimming Nelson Marlborough is a regional association affiliated with Swimming New Zealand.  
We've been going since 1911. Our six-member Board focuses on governance and strategic issues, while the Management Committee deals with operational issues. The two have overlapping membership.

Contact us at PO Box 165, Nelson, at Secretary or at the email addresses below.

Board Members

Below are our Board members and their portfolios.

Name Portfolios Email @snm.org.nz
Stephen Fryer, Chair Technical chairman
Hamish Neill Coaching/SNZ Liaison  
Sarah Woodhouse Events
Jim Sinner Registrar registrar
Susie Foster Finance treasurer
Lees Seymour

Management Committee

Name  Portfolio Club_Liaison
Stephen Fryer, Chair Technical Committee Golden Bay
Hamish Neill Events, Coaching, SNZ liaison SI Cmte, Motueka
Jim Sinner Registrar, Website/Publicity  Murchison
Susie Foster Treasurer  Nelson South
Sarah Woodhouse
Steve Fox  Coach liaison
Lorraine McMath Publicity, Coach liaison  Blenheim
Melinda Baigent
Steve Malthus Waimea
Mandy Thomas
Mark Lile Nelson South

Life Members:
Jos Pattison- liaison for Kaikoura
Margaret Young