Finalist for Club Coach of the Year

Finalist for Club Coach of the Year

Tim Loach, head coach of Nelson South Swimming Club, has been named by Swimming New Zealand as a finalist for the 2013 Club Coach of the Year Award. Loach has been recognised for the enthusiasm that he has brought to the club, lifting the number of swimmers qualifying at the national level from just one when he joined the club in 2009 to 15 this year, 11 seniors and 4 juniors.

Steve Fryer, President of Swimming Nelson Marlborough, said "It's a privilege to have a coach of Tim's calibre in our region."

Tim commented "Nelson South and Swimming Nelson Marlborough have been very supportive. The kids are very focused and talented, but its not just the swimmer and the coach. We get great support from the parents."

Asked to describe Tim in three words, Nelson South swimmers have replied:

Cheerful, enthusiastic, loud (Charlotte)

He pushes you and he's nice! (Bailee)

Pom, skunk, homie! (Louise)

Picturesque, quotable and inspiring! (Libby G)

Short, pommy and bald (Ellie)

Strict! (Todd)

Motivating, Dedicated Pom (Luke)

What is your favourite thing about Tim?

His good looks! (Francesco)

Posted: Sat 23 Mar 2013