McGuinnety & Foster win "swim of the year"

McGuinnety & Foster win

The SNM Management Committee has decided to recognise Matai McGuinniety and Clara Foster as joint winners of the Belsham Trophy for 2017-18.

The Belsham Trophy is for the "swim of the year", based on the single swim with the highest FINA points.

There are multiple calculators for determining FINA points, and the result depends in part on when the points are calculated: at the time of the swim, or at the end of the year. Using one of these methods, Matai's 50m Fly time had higher FINA points than Clara's 50m Breaststroke. The SNM rules do not state which method should be used so, given that the two results were very close, we concluded that the fair thing to do would be to award the trophy jointly to Clara and Matai. 

Congrats to both swimmers!

Posted: Wed 15 Aug 2018