Resources for Clubs

Sally McMath of Blenheim Swim ClubLink to SNZ resources for clubs

Use the above link to go to the Swimming New Zealand Webite to obtain resources for your club such as:

  • SNZ membership form – the latest version
  • New club application form – for new clubs applying for membership
  • Constitution – a template for clubs to use if they wish
  • Coaching agreement – a template for clubs to use if they wish

To transfer to a new club, a swimmer must ask their club to initiate a transfer on the SNZ database. The transfer is not complete until it has been approved by both clubs and the regional administrator.

Travel authorisation to compete or train in another country

SNZ Membership form - All club members must complete the SNZ membership form and submit it to their club secretary, who must then load the details on the SNZ database.

The New Zealand Swimmers Trust assists athletes who have the potential to represent their country, through competitive grants that are awarded annually. 

Swimming Nelson Marlborough also has a Swimmers Fund, which awards grants to swimmers who represent the region at national meets and swim camps. Applications are due by 31 May each year. See the last schedule of the SNM Standing Orders for details.

Team Manager responsibilities at National and South Island meets - These guidelines describe the duties of the regional team manager and club team managers at meets outside the region.