Swim Meets

Regional and National swimming meets are listed below. Clubs also run meets that are open to all registered swimmers. See especially the websites of Blenheim, Nelson South and Tasman swimming clubs.

Full SNM Calendar including club meets 2018-19 - rev 19.03.2019

Warm-up procedures: All pools  Nayland & RAC  Blenheim  Hampden St & other 6 lane

Poolside etiquette   Meet Approval process  Tech suits - banned for swimmers 12&Under

For fliers & info for national meets, see the SNZ website

Results-all meets      Regional Team Manager duties

National and Regional Competitions     ...scroll down 

2-6 July NZ Opens, Auckland
7 July South Is Secondary School Champs, Blenheim Meet Info
3-5 Aug SNM Short Course Champs, Blenheim Flier  TM Events
24-26 Aug South Island Champs, Jelly Park, Christchurch Flier
13-16 Sept NZ Secondary School Champs, Wellington Info
2-6 Oct NZ Short Course Champs, Auckland Info
12 Jan SNM Country & Town, Hampden St pool flier-revised 8 Jan
12-13 Jan
NZ Open Water Champs, Taupo
1-3 Feb SNM Long Course Champs, Nayland Pool  info
15-17 Feb All-Stars Junior Festival, Wellington info
23-24 Feb South Island Country & Town Competition, Blenheim info
13-16 Mar NZ Division II, Dunedin
22 Mar Marlborough Primary School Champs, Blenheim
7 Apr Nelson Primary School Championships CANCELLED - RAC closed for re-tiling
16-20 Apr NZ Age Groups, Wellington
12 May Tasman Secondary Schools Champs, Blenheim

Meet Results